Half Crazy

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for months. Months. I haven’t felt this way since Funkytown!

Half Crazy by The Barr Brothers, from their 2014 album Sleeping Operator. The track is modern Southern delta blues — with a stand-up harp! — including a nasty slide-guitar, a sweet 6/4 beat, and three heaping helpings of bad-ass boogie.

Here’s what guitarist Brad Barr told Paste Magazine said about Half Crazy, and it’s global influences:

“This song could be described as the tenacious offspring of the North African desert music of Mali/Morocco and the sweat and electricity of the Chicago and Mississippi Delta blues,” Barr said. “That music is like a stem-cell, really open to going in many directions. On this track, we wired the harp through a dirty little amplifier. I played my early 40’s Oahu lap-steel. Andrew uses a loping high-hat feel, and the electric bass pushes the whole thing. The lyrics got a nudge from our friend Nathan Moore – we’re all half-crazy, half clear as a bell.”

The track is also available on iTunes. The other songs on Sleeping Operator are okay, but veer a bit too deeply into folk territory for my particular tastes.


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